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how do i clean the water inlet valve screens on my kenmore washer

i have a well .....when doing wash the cold water comes into the washer real slow and i think the screens are clogged and would like to fix them myself i clean the screens where the water goes into the washer or at the other end where the facets circle things are ?

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afritz afritz
It is always good to keep your inlet valves cleaned and well maintained. I have taken some time to research your question here on the Manage My Life website and I noticed that someone else had asked a similar question with a posted response from an expert. I attached the link below for you to view. I hope the link that I have provided you is useful.
by afritz afritz Earned 1,361 community points in Kenmore
November 21st, 2010
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Manage My Life
Thank you for a very good question. In order to clean the screens you will need to

disconnect power

to the washer first. Carefully pull the unit out to avoid floor damage. Turn the water faucets off. Have a bucket & some towels handy. Use a pair of pliers and remove the 2 fill hoses off the back of the washer, catching any drips with the towels. Place the two hoses in the bucket & turn the water back on slowly at first. If you do not have good water pressure you may have screens in the other end of the fill hoses. If you have good pressure then we know all you need is the screens cleaned or the watervalve replaced. Use a small flashlight to inspect the watervalve inlets for hot & cold. If the cold valve screen looks clogged you will need to clean & flush out the water lines. Use a small brush to scrape the screens clean (do not remove the screens). After cleaning & flushing out the lines you can reassemble the hoses & check the fill cycle for proper water flow. If you have good pressure & still have poor cold water flow then you will need to replace the watervalve.

Remember to

disconnect the power

before attempting access.
by Manage My Life
November 23rd, 2010
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