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Manage My Life

What ink-jet printers use the least ink?

by Manage My Life Last activity date:
July 17th, 2011

I'm looking to buy an ink-jet printer that uses less ink that my Canon ip6700D. My printer goes through ink cartridges whether I print or not, which I think is a total scam. . .it's like Canon designed its printers to let ink evaporate. The printer itself has been reliable, but the overall cost of ink is ridiculous.

Which ink-jet printers, if any, are reliable AND go easy on the ink?

Office Products
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Answers (4)
Manage My Life
I have used Brother laser printers for awhile and found them to be good, but I'm mostly just printing text.

The model in the link below was on sale for $100 at Amazon when I got it (it's $135 now but may go on sale again).

Actually if you don't need to print-over-wifi, checkout the 2nd link below. It's the same printer (and it does duplex printing, which is what I wanted it for).
Answered in 24 hours
by Manage My Life
July 17th, 2011
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Manage My Life
I appreciate the honest view! Any suggestions on laser printers?
Answered in 23 hours
by Manage My Life
July 17th, 2011
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Manage My Life
That is an excellent question, however, I think that the answer is "none of the above."

Inkjet printers are, in my opinion, a terrible invention. Or, at the very least, the way they have been implemented are pretty terrible. You probably know that years ago companies which made shaving razors figured out that they could make a lot of money if they gave away the razors and sold the razor blades. Companies which make printers seem to follow the same business plan: they sell the printers cheaply, and then make their profits on selling you ink. (Which explains why so many of them want to make it impossible to use ink cartridges made by other companies.)

All inkjet inks will dry if not used. That's just the nature of the chemicals used, and there is no incentive for the companies which make them to make inks which last longer, because that just means they will sell less of them.

If you do not need to print color, you might look into getting a laser printer. These are now much more reasonably priced than they used to be, and although the toner cartridges are expensive, they last a lot longer, even if they aren't used all the time. I bought a photo printer for my wife several years ago, and we quickly abandoned it in favor of getting them printed at a CVS, Walmart, etc.

You'll notice that most of the

inket printer reviews

are average at best. I've never heard anyone say they found a great one.

Otherwise, if you like your existing printer, your best bet would be to shop around online to find a place which sells ink at a much more reasonable price than you'll probably find in a "brick & mortar" store. I highly suggest avoiding "ink refilling" solutions (see the link below for an explanation why).

Sorry I don't have better news for you!
Answered in 19 hours
by Manage My Life
July 17th, 2011
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Manage My Life
Printer ink can get expensive. I can understand your concern. While you wait for the expert review you can check the two links below for additional helpful information if you like.
Answered in 6 minutes
by Manage My Life
July 16th, 2011
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