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Xerox Paper Shredder Stopped Working

I have a Xerox XRX-8X crosscut paper shredder. It stopped working today. It didn't overheat as I wasn't using it beforehand. The interlock appears to be in place; can hear something clicking when I put the top on. I can't see any paper blocking the switch inside. Thoughts?

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It can be incredibly frustrating when office equipment fails you. As the blades are sharp and the small motor is likely the issue, you'll want to unplug the shredder and let it cool off. Try the reverse or clear function to remove any last shreds, check the rollers for leftover paper. If those tasks do not bring the shredder back to life, you may want to check the manufacturer's specifics or at least assess the age of the machine. Most encourage ongoing lubrication - by use of shredder lubrication sheets available at any office supply store - of the rollers and blades. As disappointing as it is, the motor's time may be spent and you may be looking for a replacement shredder.
by Manage My Life
July 20th, 2012
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