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Kenmore Range Propane Conversion - Propane Smell from Conversion Plug

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October 2nd, 2012

I recently converted a new Kenmore range (Model #790.70402012) from natural gas to propane. My conversion plug in the regulator did not look like the one in the conversion instruction drawings (Figure 1, attached), but I followed the instructions to remove it and turn it around. The solid end now faces into the regulator, and a small inscription on the hex nut reads "LP" and has arrows pointing in towards the regulator. I re-installed it, tightened it, and replaced the plastic cap (Figure 2, plastic cap removed to show orientation). When I turn gas on to the range and try to ignite the burners, everything works correctly, except there is a gas smell. It seems to be coming from the conversion cap (through the small pin hole in the end that now faces the regulator (visible in Figure 3)). There is a hissing sound and a gas smell coming from the area, and when I remove the plastic cap (keeping the metal conversion plug in place) I can feel gas coming out and the smell gets more intense. What can I do to stop this leak? Thank you.

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Manage My Life
Conversions can be dangerous when not done properly. I am providing a link on a similar issue which may be helpful while waiting for an expert response.
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October 2nd, 2012
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