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ProForm 595LE treadmill, Model #: 8321297773

I had to replace the end cap on my treadmill. While I was working on it (in vertical position) the steel roller accidentally fell down and knocked off these two brackets that were screwed to the bottom of the treadmill board. These brackets are sort of like L brackets except they are more open. L brackets are 90 degrees, these are more like 130 degrees. The user manual part list has them listed as part #49 called "belt guide".

I see the holes in the board where these belt guide brackets were screwed in. I need to know which way they go. According to the diagram it looks like the part of the bracket that protrudes away from the surface is on the outside, but if you flip it around and make it on the inside then it actually pushes up against the tread belt and in my opinion help guide it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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January 5th, 2013
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