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Whirlpool Range Oven wont come on

My oven wont come on but my burnners do

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Joey S
Mark: Thank you for adding the model number. The oven operation consists of an oven thermostat, oven safety valve and a pilot assembly. The oven thermostat is connected to the manifold and there are two gas lines connected to the back of the thermostat. One is the gas supply for the oven safety valve and then there is a smaller tube that supplies the gas for the standing pilot. The oven safety valve is connected to a gas supply from the oven thermostat and the oven safety valve has a small capillary tube connected to it. At the end of the capillary is a thermal bulb. The thermal bulb is mounted on the oven pilot assembly. When the oven thermostat is turned on, the standing oven pilot flame is supposed to increase in size and shoot downwards to engulf the thermal bulb. Once the thermal bulb heats up from the flame that should be engulfing the thermal bulb, the liquid inside the thermal bulb expands. The fluid expands and travels through the small capillary tube to the oven safety valve. Once the fluid expands, it causes the oven safety valve to open and let gas flow to the bake burner at which time the bake burner ignites off the pilot flame. If the pilot flame is engulfing the thermal bulb and the gas valve does not open, the oven safety valve will need to be replaced.

I hope this is helpful. If I may be of further assistance as more details become available, please reply to this post
by Joey S Earned 2,043 community points in Wall Ovens
February 12th, 2013
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