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Kenmore Vacuum KC50XBZRZU01

How can I change just the hose for the vacuum? Also the height adjustment on the Power Mate is not working and I am missing one wheel on it as well. How do I fix that? What parts would I need to get the vacuum working again?

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Thank you for your question.  The hose repairs/replacement instructions are similar for most of these models. I have attached three images below that should help with the hose replacement. To access the lift adjuster and wheels on the power mate, See the second two set of images. You will need to remove the cover to the access the additional parts. The height adjuster should just unsnap out from the plastic retainers in the base. Follow the instructions included. I was not certain if the wheel was on the canister or the power mate. The following instructions should work for the wheel. The wheels on the canister body are held on by plastic tabs that are part of the wheel mold. For the back wheels take a medium to large flat blade screw driver and get up behind the wheel as close to the wheel axle as possible and pry out. With enough force the tabs will compress and the wheel will release. The caster pivot wheel is the same way, but you can gain access to this wheel from the bag compartment. You will see the plastic tabs at the bottom of the compartment and if you support the body over the edge of a table so that the wheel assembly hangs over, you can compress the plastic tabs inside the compartment and push down to release. The canister wheel number is #KC99CBZNZV07 . Parts for this model canister can be ordered from

Sears Parts Direct

.The PowerMate parts at at this

Sears Parts Direct

link.  You also have the option of dropping the vacuum at a service center for repairs. You can locate a service center at

Sears Home Services

. If further help is needed, please reply.  Thank you for using Manage My Life.
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August 15th, 2013
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