Paulie Jerome Hubbard

27 ton 208cc craftsman wood splitter model# 247.776611

by Paulie Jerome Hubbard Last activity date:
January 13th

my craftsman wood splitter has been working fine since I purchased it although I haven't gotten the proper annual maintenance done on it, I just would like to know why now when I use it, after a few minutes, it revs up and down then completely stalls out. I also over flooded the oil tank before I used it can that be related to the stalling or is it something completely different?

Craftsman , Log Splitters
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Joey S
Hello Paulie Jerome Hubbard, overfilling the hydraulic oil reservoir could be causing your issue. The hydraulic oil level must be between the minimum and maximum range on the dipstick. The engine carburetor could also be the issue. First make sure the hydraulic oil level is between the min and max range on the dipstick. I suspect the overfilled hydraulic fluid is causing the issue, if not, then it's likely a carburetor issue or a governor issue and I recommend taking it in for service.
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by Joey S
January 13th
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