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Can I use copper bottom pans on my glasstop stove?

Can I used stainless steel with copper base pans on my glass top stove?

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Manage My Life
The only critical thing about pans for a glass top range is the bottoms need to be flat. You should lay a straight edge, like a ruler or yardstick across the bottom of the pans and it needs to touch the pan all the way across. Copper bottom pans work very well if they are flat.

Be careful if you use cast iron as it will scratch the glass if you slide the pans. You will need to scrub the bottoms of your pans periodically to remove grease that will stain the cooktop.

Be sure you clean the cooktop often with the cooktop polish, this leaves a protective coat on the glass top and prevents boil overs from sticking. It will make cleaning the glass top easy.
by Manage My Life
September 27th, 2007
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