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How can I totally clean a self cleaning oven with a melted plastic cutting board in it?

I got most of it out but I am not sure if I can turn on the oven for self cleaning mode to totally clean it. Is there is another way for me to really clean manually first. The model is Kenmore 790.

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Manage My Life
You can't get the plastic out manually without damaging the porcelain liner of your oven. It is safe to turn the oven on to self clean and disintegrate the plastic. The oven reaches temperature of 850-900 degrees during the clean cycle. Plastic is not explosive, it won't hurt your oven.

It will look pretty bad with smoke coming out of the oven vent. You might need a fan to remove the smoke from the house as soon as you can.

The alternative is to replace the oven liner or oven bottom. Without a complete model number I can't tell if the bottom in your oven is replaceable.

You can schedule service and let a technician see if he can get the plastic out of the oven.
by Manage My Life
January 11th, 2008
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