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How do I replace a bake element in my oven?

I purchased a new bake element, model JB940B0B4BB, Serial # GA2173360. I want to install it in my oven, but there are no instructions.

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Manage My Life
Looking at the parts diagram, I can't tell if the element can be replaced from inside the oven or not.

Before beginning any repair disconnect the range from the electrical supply. The element may have 120 volts to one terminal all the time.

Look at the lower left corner of the oven. There will be a metal plate where the element goes through the left wall of the oven. You will probably have to remove the side reflector to access the screws. If there are screws holding the metal plate to the side of the oven, you can remove the screws and pull the element inside the oven to disconnect the wires.

If there are no screw heads exposed, you will have to slide the range out and remove the left side panel to access the screws to release the element from the side of the oven.

You can remove the door to make it easier to work inside the oven. Open the door to the broil position and it will lift off the range frame. Lift up and rotate the door out to remove.
by Manage My Life
January 16th, 2008
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