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Why does my refrigerator make a loud clunk sound when it cycles off?

I have a Sears refrigerator, model number 363.9664781 and serial L54056419. The unit was purchased in 1995. The refrigerator has a freezer temperature of 0 degrees and fresh food of 42 degrees. It makes a loud "clunk" sound when the motor cycles off. This will happen several times a day. What would cause this noise? Can it be repaired?

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Manage My Life
The noise you are hearing is the compressor knocking against the side of the compressor housing when it cycles off. The compressor pumps freon through a sealed system in your refrigerator. Just like in any pump, there is a low-pressure side, which is the suction, and a high-pressure side, which is the discharge. When the compressor cycles off, there is a very high pressure on the discharge side.

The internal workings of a refrigerator compressor are suspended from four springs to dampen the noise level from the pump and motor sections. There is most likely one or more of these springs broken. This is why you here a clunk when the pump turns off.

This does not affect the cooling ability of the compressor. The compressor can last many years like this. The only problem is the noise level you are hearing. The only way to stop the noise is to have to compressor replaced.
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March 5th, 2008
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