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What temperature should my home be?

My husband and I have had this great debate for the last two years. He argues that in the summer the house temperature should be set around 24C (75F) with the air conditioning. He also contends that in the winter the house temperature should be 19C or 20C (66F or 68F) at all times. I find that freezing as do our guests.My argument is that the temperature should be set at 24C (75F) at all times during the waking hours and can be higher in summer and lower in winter as we sleep, I also argue that the inside of the house should be maintained at a equal balance no matter what is going on outside. Which is the correct approach?

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Manage My Life
If the only goal is energy savings, your husband is correct. If the only goal is comfort, you are correct. As you may have guessed, the answer lies in between. In the winter, a usual temperature during the waking hours is 21C (70F) when people are home. If the occupants leave the home during the day (which is not in your case), the temperature can be dropped to save energy. The temperature can also be dropped at night when everyone is warm under their covers in bed. In the summer, things are a little different. While many people set their air conditioning thermostats to 24C (75F), conventional wisdom is that we don't need to hold the temperature to that maximum. As long as it's cooler inside than it is outside, and as long as the air conditioner is running and dehumidifying, we will feel comfortable as long as the temperature inside is about 8C (15F) below the outside temperature. So when it the daytime high is38C (100F) outside, it may be unrealistic to expect the air conditioner to keep the house at 24C (75F), when it will feel refreshing if it's 29C (85F). Unlike a furnace, most people don't set their air conditioner to a warmer setting at night, though. On a hot, humid night the air conditioning may be needed to allow you to rest comfortably, and the way air conditioners are sized, it's much more difficult for an air conditioner to "catch up" when it is set back to its normal temperature in the morning, unlike a furnace. These temperatures are just rough guides. The primary goal for most people is comfort, so the temperature should, of course, be comfortable.
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April 26th, 2007
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