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What can one do if the treadmill key clip is unretrievable or missing?

We purchased a PROFORM 515s Crosswalk, model #831.294040. Upon putting the machine together we noticed a problem which could have two possible answers. In all instances, our key clip to turn on the machine was missing. That was one of our conclusions. Upon closer examination of the console, we noticed a small circular compartment with the image of a key on it. We figured the clip was in that compartment. We did everything short of breaking the compartment open to remove the key clip which was to no avail. We contacted Sears, where we purchased the machine but they could not answer the question and transferred me to several departments who could not do anything for me either. Finally, I received the information for this website and thought I'd give it a shot. Can someone please let me know what I can do to actually start using the treadmill? Would I have to purchase a new clip? Thank you for your time.

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Manage My Life
I am sorry you had so much trouble getting an answer. The safety Key/Clip should have been included in the literature package along with your owner's manual so you may want to check with your Sears Store to be sure you received the correct packet for your model.

If you check the online owner's manual at Manage My Home you can see information on the Safety Key and how it works. The Safety Key has a string on it which is designed to attach to you during a workout so that if you fall, or leave the treadmill for some reason, the key will be pulled out and shut off the walk belt.

Typically the key will not fit completely into the console as it is intended to have the string on it and easily pull out in case of an emergency. In fact, most newer models just attach to the outside of the treadmill with a magnet. If your key is broken off inside the console then the treadmill should work normally but, in that case, it should come out fairly easily and I would still recommend replacing the key as it is an important safety feature.

If your Sears Store does not have the correct safety key for some reason they can order it for you, or you can order it directly through Sears Parts online.

For this model use the current part number 06.831. 208603 or the older number of 06.831. 201576.
by Manage My Life
January 22nd, 2008
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