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Why did my garage door opener stop working after a power failure?

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July 17th, 2007

I own two Craftsman garage door openers. After a storm, and subsequent power failure, one will not work. I am not referring to the remote but the wall mounted unit connected by wire to the motor. I only get a flashing yellow light next to the "Smart" red button. What is happening?

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Manage My Life
It sounds like the storm caused a power surge that was enough to damage one opener but not the other.

I am assuming that the remotes do not work on this one opener either, but if they do and the wall button does not, then there may have been a short in the wiring to the wall switch or in the wall switch itself. If the remotes do not work either then the memory has failed or the Logic Board has been damaged.

Try erasing the memory and reprogramming the remotes per your owners manual or the instructions on your opener itself. Your Manage My Home profile does not note the model number, but if you have a Battery Back Up system the problem could be there also, if you disconnect the system and reprogram, the unit might work.

If the opener still will not open after reprogramming and the Battery Back-up is disconnected, it is likely the Logic Board has failed but you may want to have a professional confirm that, as the replacement cost can be high.
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by Manage My Life
July 17th, 2007
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