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How do I keep rainwater out of my chimney?

My chimney drips into the firebox when it rains. I don't use the fireplace, and don't expect I ever will. I also had portion above the roof replaced a year ago. It's a double flue chimney (oil furnace and fireplace). I have to keep a dishpan in the firebox in the event a rainstorm while at work. Have collected as much as an inch of water in a 12"x18" pan during a heavy downpour. Any ideas?

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Manage My Life
I am assuming from your comments that the water is entering the chimney through an open flue. In most cases, rain water which goes directly down a chimney hits the side of the chimney and is absorbed by the minor amount to debris that clings to the chimney flue. If the fireplace has never been used, and the flue has a clay tile liner, it is possible for water to run down and drip into the firebox. This could be prevented by putting a rain cap on the top of the fireplace flue. Failing that, the top of the flue could be capped (which would definitely prevent the use of the fireplace) or a damper could be installed at the top of the flue. This damper is closed or by a chain that hangs down the inside of the flue. The damper is spring-loaded to open.

The other possibility is that the water is not entering the top of the chimney, but is entering the chimney at the point where it meets the roofline. If this is the case (proven by temporarily capping the top of the flue with a piece of wood or metal, covered by a plastic bag) then the flashings at the roof wall intersection will require replacement.
by Manage My Life
April 26th, 2007
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