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Should I remove my screens in the winter?

I read that you should remove screens from inside casement windows to keep condensation off window glass. This was a problem for us last winter but I have never heard of removing the screens. Should I remove it? What about sliding windows? We had a real condensation problem between the fabric blind and the window.

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It's a matter of degree -- no pun intended. Your fabric blinds have some insulating value. They also act as an air barrier. The air trapped between the blindand the window does not move around as freely as the air in the rest of the room. The amount of moisture trapped in this air is the same as the rest of the room. As the air by the window cools, due toheat loss through the window, the relative humidity of the air increases until it reaches its dew point. Condensation occurs allover the windows. The screen is not nearly as good an air barrier or insulator as the fabric blinds, however it does restrict airflow somewhat and could be contributing a bit to the condensation problem. If you have minor amounts of condensation on windows, removing the screens may help. If you have serious condensation problems you will need more drastic measures.Temporary storm windows are a great solution to your problem.
by Manage My Life
April 26th, 2007
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