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What's causing the mold on my bedroom ceiling?

I've noticed from time to time a bit of mold forming in the corners of my ceiling, in my master bedroom. My house was recently renovated (in summer 2000) of which my roof was shingled. The walls and ceilings are plaster. The house is not very big, and there is no air exchanger so sometimes condensation is an issue. The mold appeared to have developed over the span of a day, and was easily removed by taking a cloth and an antibacterial spray to clean it up. There were no water stains pointing to a leak. Any ideas of possible cause. Leaky roof, or are there other possibilities.

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Manage My Life
In all likelihood, the cause of the mold is high humidity levels within your house. As you will read in the attached articles, mold is likely to grow in areas with high humidity with little air movement. The air is stagnant in the corners of your bedroom. The stagnant air cools, and condenses on the relatively cool surfaces of the corners of the walls and ceiling. The trick is to lower your humidity levels. A ceiling fan would also help but is not absolutely necessary, if you can get humidity levels under control.
by Manage My Life
April 26th, 2007
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