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What should I use to paint a concrete shower floor?

We have a shower outsideour sauna and I want to paint the floor. How do I ensure it is dry so that the paint will adhere? Is there a special concrete floor paint to use?

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Manage My Life
Tape a clear plastic sheet (at least 1 foot square) to the concrete floor. The tape must provide an airtight seal between the concrete and plastic sheet. Check the underside of the sheet 24 hours later for signs of condensation, or darkening of the concrete under the plastic sheet, compared to surrounding areas. Either indicates the presence of moisture. There are special concrete floor paints. All will handle water, but some are tougher than others.Of equal or greater importance is a surface that won't get slippery with soapy water. Some concrete paints, usually used in garages, are epoxy based, resistant to just about everything, and are designed to be mixed with a little sand to create a non slip surface.
by Manage My Life
April 26th, 2007
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