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Why does my Kenmore dryer stop running during the drying cycle?

My Kenmore dryer stops during the timed drying cycle. Sometimes in the beginning, sometimes at the end. It happens on any heat setting. It does still heat up though. Is the timer busted? How do I fix it?

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Manage My Life
Without the model number, it would be difficult to give you an accurate diagnosis. Updating your home profile would better assist us.

You may have what is called an Even Heat dryer. If it is, it uses an electronic control board and two relays (motor relay and heater relay) mounted inside the console.

The control board uses the motor relay to power the motor. It uses sensors and the heater relay to control temperature.

The control board is monitoring the temperature by the means of a thermistor. If the thermistor is not working correctly, the control board will shut the dryer off using the relays.

I do not think the timer is the problem. It is more likely a control board or thermistor issue if it is an Even heat dryer.

I recommend getting a technician out to properly diagnose the dryer.
by Manage My Life
June 20th, 2007
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