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How to take the top off my Kenmore dryer?

My 6 year old Kenmore electric dryer Model No. 110.62202100 squeals loudly when we dry our clothes. We took the back off the dryer but couldn't get to the source of the problem. We need to get inside and this model doesn't have a front panel to get inside. Any pointers?

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The squealing noise is probably the idler pulley or one of the support rollers.

Follow these steps to raise top and to remove the front panel.

Disconnect power or unplug dryer from the power source.

Pull the lint filter screen out.

Remove the two screws that was hidden under the lint filter handle.

There is two spring clips that hold the top down located along the front gap where the top meets the front panel that must be released in order to raise the top of the dryer.

The two spring clips are located about 2-3 inches inwards from the left and right corners of the top. Use a putty knife to slip between the top and front panel and push in on the clip. While pushing in on clip raise that corner of the top up about 1 inch. Repeat on other side.

The top is now ready to hinge open like a hood on a car.

To remove the front panel there is two screws to remove. One is on the left and right hand corner. They come through the side panels lip into the front panel.

Once the two screws are removed tilt the top of the front panel forwards about 6-8 inches and then pull it up and off the clips it hangs on.

To pull the drum out you must lay on the floor and reach back and take the belt off the motor pulley. ( Note) I would recommend before taking the belt off to draw a sketch of how the belt is routed around the idler pulley and motor pulley. Also of where the idler pulley mounts onto the base.

Once the belt is off. Lift the belt up that's laying on the top of the drum, to take up the slack so it wont hang up on the motor. Lift the drum up 6 inches and pull it out the front.

Reverse the procedure to reassemble dryer.
by Manage My Life
June 27th, 2007
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