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How do I install the shipping bolts to move my washer?

I have a Kenmore washer model 110.4282202 with serial number CSP3807049. We are moving our washing machine and needed to protect the bin. We bought the shipping bolt kit from Sears Parts. It came without instructions. I need to know how to put on the bolts to get the washer ready to be moved.

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A technician is normally needed to install the shipping bolts. The technician would first disconnect power completely from the washer. He would then remove the covers from the shipping bolt holes on the rear panel of the washer. Next, the 4 new shipping bolts would need to be inserted in the shipping bolt holes. (The shorter bolts will be used on the top.) NOTE: On some models, the hook on the red sleeve of the shipping bolt must be removed (cut or sawed off) for the shipping bolt to fit properly. Once inserted, the sleeve must be pushed to the right to secure it and line up the bolt with hole in the washer tub. If you pull the cover off of the shipping bolt holes, you will see where the shipping bolts are inserted into the washer tub. The technician would screw the bolts into these holes in the tub and tighten them to secure the tub for shipment. The washer tub may need to be moved around slightly to align the shipping bolts with the holes in the washer.

When the washer arrives at its new destination, do not forget to remove these shipping bolts before using the washer. Save the shipping bolt hole covers so that they can be inserted in the holes after the shipping bolts are removed at the final destination.
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November 19th, 2007
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