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Why does my chainsaw cutting chain stop spinning when I try to cut wood with it?

I have a gas powered chainsaw that runs fine, however, when placed on wood it continues to run but the chain does not turn. The chain blade stops when placed on the wood. The motor continues to run but it will not spin the chain to cut wood.

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Wayne A
The problem is likely related to a

chain-engagement clutch problem. I am not certain

what model you have, and designs can vary, but most

have some form of clutch assembly at the point

where the motor transmits power to drive the

cutting chain itself. Often you can get to the

assembly simply by removing a cover in that area to

view the engine output and chain drive.


clutch assemblies usually use a set of spring

loaded friction pads. Once the engine is spinning

fast enough the pad weight overcomes the spring

pressure and the pads move out to grip the chain

drive. If the pads become too worn, or they cannot

move properly, then they might still engage the

chain until there is load added, such as when you

try to get them to cut wood, and then the load

overcomes the available friction of the pads and

the chain stops.

Your manual should

have information on the system and it might also

help to view the exploded-view parts diagrams at

the Sears Parts site to get some idea how things

fit and work together. There is additional

information in the links below that might help and

you could also submit another question here with

more detail and a valid model number and we will do

our best to help further.
by Wayne A Earned 20 community points in Lawn Mowers
April 4th, 2008
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