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How big does shower stall need to be to eliminate doors and just have walk-in?

My shower area is 6' x 4' Can I make 3' opening on narrow end and go without a door? Currently, there are shower heads on both sides of stall about the mid-point, but can move when I re-tile.

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Manage My Life
There are many doorless showers of those dimensions that are successfully installed and used, but be aware that there will likely be some water splashing out, so the floor outside the shower should be able to deal with that. A bathmat or towel on the floor outside the door's not a bad idea either. The further away the shower heads are from the door, the better, but even more important to to make sure that the shower heads don't point in the direction of the door. I'd keep them there and pointed slightly


from the door opening.
by Manage My Life
June 1st, 2007
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