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What is slab on grade construction?

What is slab-on-grade construction?

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Slab-on-grade construction is when a concrete floor slab is poured at grade level to provide a foundation for a home. These slabs may be supported on continuous foundations, piers or piles and grade beams, or grade beams directly on isolated footings, for example. These foundations often serve as the building floor, as well as the support for the house loads. Floor slabs may be:

1. Floating supported by the ground and independent of perimeter foundations.

2. Supported the floor slab may be integrated into the foundation system for the building. In this case, the foundations support the slab.

Monolithic the slab may be an integral part of the footing.

Slabs are typically concrete and may be reinforced, depending on how they're built. Slabs may be thickened, typically on the underside, to support the weight of interior loadbearing members such as columns. Alternatively, the column may go through the slab, and a separate footing may be provided for the column.
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April 26th, 2007
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