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Why won't my Kenmore front load washer start the cycle?

I have a Kenmore washer model number 41744092500. It will not start the cycle. Before this, it was spurting water every 5 minutes. I unplugged it to see if it was a reset issue. Now it does nothing. I did not see an error code prior to this. It was brought to my attention when my daughter could not open the door.

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Lyle W
If you get no display at all, check the electrical breaker. Reset the breaker by turning it off and then back on. If you still get no display, check the outlet. Plug a small appliance into the outlet to see if it is working.

If the display works, press the PAUSE/CANCEL and try to start and drain and spin cycle to drain any remaining water out of the washer.

If the washer stopped and the door is locked, it likely displayed an error code that you did not observe. You can recall the most recent error code by following these steps:

Wake the machine by pressing any button.

Wait 5 seconds.

Press and hold the START and PAUSE/CANCEL buttons simultaneously.

All LEDs will go blank and after a few seconds the control will display the error code. The code will continue to be displayed as long as the START and PAUSE/CANCEL buttons are pressed.

Your description indicates that you may have had an oversuds condition (error code EF2) or a drain problem (EF1). The pump will not drain properly if suds are present. After the suds dissipate, you may be able to properly drain the washer and set a new cycle.

If the drain pump is clogged, you can unplug the washer and pull the bottom access panel (Key 18 in the image below). It is secured by two screws at the very bottom of the panel (Key 19). Once you remove this panel, you can access the drain pump (Key 35 on the second image). If you pull the hose (Key 41) off of this pump, any water remaining in the washer tub will flow out. Use a shallow pan to catch the water if you access this area. Clear any clog or debris that you find in the pump and/or hoses and reassemble the washer. Test the washer to see if it operates properly.

This troubleshooting and information may help you resolve your washer problem. If not, resubmit your question for more help if needed.
by Lyle W Earned 136,235 community points in Kenmore
April 3rd, 2008
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