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Why does all the ice stick together? Do I need a part for the freezer? What is wrong?

I have an upright Kenmore freezer/Refrigerator with the model number 363.9522780, serial number L243 13404.

My Freezer makes ice very well and the dispenser works fine, but all the ice sticks together! Do I need a part for the freezer?

Please let me know what the problem with the ice maker is. The ice does not mix like it should!

Which part is bad, if any?

Thanks a lot.

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Manage My Life
When the ice inside a freezer sticks together it is usually because water is leaking from the icemaker and running into the ice container.

We need to know where the water is coming from to know what if any part or parts we need.

Lift the arm on the icemaker so it stops making ice and wait 3-4 hours. Moving as quickly as you can open the freezer door, remove the ice container, and lower the arm. The icemaker should go through the harvest cycle, dump the ice out of the mold and fill the mold with water as you watch.

Look closely when the icemaker fills into the fill cup at the rear of the icemaker and see if any water runs out of the icemaker. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what is happening.
by Manage My Life
April 16th, 2008
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