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Where are dip switches located on my Craftsman garage door opener?

I have a Craftsman garage door opener, model 139.53626SR. Can you tell me where the dip switches are located? I know where they are on the transponder, but not sure where on the unit? Are they on the unit that is mounted on the ceiling? If so, what part of the cover do I remove to get to them. Thank you in advance. (I've looked in the manual for this information and it's no help.)

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The 53000 series were near the point of the conversion to electronic code setting and some of the receivers already worked similar to the newer-style models so programming could vary. And, after this much time, many units have been worked on and parts updated which can make it even more difficult to determine the correct procedures.

On your model, once you have the dipswitches in your remotes all set the same, you should be able to follow the instruction in the image below or in your manual under the 53000SR heading (since you have an SR on the end of your model number) to program the receiver electronically similar to the newer models.

If you remove the light cover on the overhead opener unit you will see the panel that has the SR Button on it.

If there is no SR Button there then you will still need to set receiver dipswitches as you mentioned and the switches should be on that same panel under the light cover.

If there are no dipswitches and no SR Button under the light cover then the switches will be on the back of the same wall control you use to open the door when inside your garage.
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April 18th, 2008
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