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Do grubs eat only grass roots or need I be concerned about those I've found in my flower beds?

I've dug out patches of grass from my flower beds and found grubs there. Will they affect the flowers planted there or do I need to apply "grub stuff" there too?

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Manage My Life
What we call grubs can be the larvae of a variety of beetles. In flower beds, the

grubs that are larve of the Japanese beetle are probably of the most concern.

However, the larger roots of most flowers are not as vulnerable to damage as the

tiny roots of turf grass. The problem occurs when the grubs turn into beetles and

devour flowers.

If you notice damage from beetles, the infestation is probably severe enough to

warrant treatment. Use an insecticide made specifically for beetles. Follow

package directions exactly, but you will probably need to reapply every 6 weeks

as subsequent grubs in the soil develop into beetles.
by Manage My Life
April 25th, 2008
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