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Why is my string trimmer hard to pull when starting?

I own three other 2 cycle tools and all of the pull cords follow through smoothly when the engine fires. My Ryobi 700r string trimmer wants to stop dead as it fires. This puts extreme pressure on my fingers as I'm pulling my hardest in one direction and the engine wants to pull me in the other direction.
I took it apart last year and tried to lube the spring loaded fly weights but that did not help. It does not do it every pull but mostly when its cold. Is it a timing issue or could the starter pulley be worn out?

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Manage My Life
It could be worn components causing drag, but typically that will cause constant drag and not intermittently as you noted here.

It sounds more like a misfire issue. That could be due to the timing being off for some reason, possibly a loose or mis-positioned coil or a damaged flywheel key that allows the flywheel to position in the wrong spot.

The engine also could misfire due to poor or contaminated fuel or an air-leak or carburetor issue. And if the cylinder or crank were worn they could also create issues with starting.

Another possible problem area could be too much back-pressure caused by a partly plugged exhaust. That can happen over time on 2-cycle exhausts as the unburned residue from the premix oil collects in the muffler and can eventually cause restrictions.

Checking the parts illustration in your

Owner's Manual

or at the

Sears PartsDirect

site will give you some idea of how all the components fit together and some of the potential problem areas.
by Manage My Life
May 9th, 2008
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