Why is my Kenmore washer spinning slower than usual?

by JOSEPH SUGRUE Last activity date:
June 17th, 2008

I have a Kenmore washer model number 110.82984110. The spin cycle works but it is spinning slower than usual. This is causing the clothes to come out too wet. I have inspected the motor coupling & it looks good. I need to know if the problem could be the clutch & if so, how do I replace the clutch.

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Manage My Life
From what you are describing it sounds like the clutch will need to be replaced. If the clutch is slipping too much, this will cause the washer to spin too slowly. Click on the link below for the clutch replacement instructions.

Why would my washer sometimes not spin or it doesn't seem to spin hard enough to get the water out of the clothes?
by Manage My Life |
June 17th, 2008
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