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Why has my GE refrigerator suddenly stopped cooling?

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June 25th, 2008

I have a 6 year old GE refrigerator. It suddenly stopped cooling. I cleaned out the dust from the unit last night.

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Lyle W
There are many reasons that your GE refrigerator could have stopped cooling. You could have a failed compressor. A lack of refrigerant (Freon) could prevent the unit from cooling. A bad evaporator fan motor could be causing your problem. Depending on your model, you could have a bad control or a defrost system problem. I would need to know the model number and more details to be able to accurately predict a specific failure. Details such as whether the compressor or evaporator fan is running would be helpful. Resubmit your question with additional details for more technical help in predicting your exact failure.

You will probably need a service technician to diagnose and repair the refrigerator.
by Lyle W
June 25th, 2008
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