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I need to know how to prime a Sears well pump Model 390 25320. Can I get a user/service Manual? Can I download one?

I'm planning to let my daughter use it for an occasional fountain pump. I just need to know how to prime it to see if it will even work for their needs. A downloadable service manual would be nice. It's a "Premium Quality Pressure 40/60 Power Bonus" if that helps.


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You can view or print an installation guide by following the instructions below.

Basically to prime the pump you fill the pump housing and suction pipe with water. In order to fill the suction pipe with water you need a foot valve attached to the end of the suction pipe. This is a check valve that holds the water inside the suction pipe and opens when the pump is turned on to let water into the suction pipe.

Go to the Home page of Manage My Home and hold your mouse over home, select Products and manuals from the drop down menu.

For this model enter the following:

Type of Product




Model no.


Select Find manuals at the bottom of the page to search for your manuals. Choose

the blue Owner's manual (pdf) link for your product from the search results

and it will open your manual for viewing online.

You can save a copy of the manual to your Home Profile or, on most computer

systems, download or print the manual while you are viewing it.

If the manual can't be found, please call the Manage My Home Member Services

Team at 1-800-803-6775, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Central Time. They will be

more than happy to help you track down the manual.
by Manage My Life
July 7th, 2008
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