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Why am I getting the rL code on my washer during the clean cycle with no clothes inside?

I am getting the rL code on my washer when running the clean cycle. It will not complete this cycle. There are no clothes inside. I checked the door seal on my front load washer. There is no lint caught in it. I rubbed a dry cloth in the drum the first time that it stopped and gave me the rL code. The 2nd and the third times, I ran the dry cloth again. I rubbed a damp cloth on the 4th time that it stopped. It has never run through the clean washer cycle even on the first try since I got it. I do not leave clothes in the washer after any loads. There is no reason for it to act as though there is clothing inside. I run it through the cycle monthly as the manual recommends. I am the only person in my home. The washer is not over used.

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Lyle W
I am guessing that you have a Kenmore HE type washer or a Whirlpool Duet front load washer. These types of washers have the clean cycle and will display the rL code during this cycle if the control senses that clothes are in the washer. A friction problem could be causing this fault code to appear. A bad tub bearing or an item of clothing caught between the inner spin basket and the outer tub could be causing this problem. The friction is sensed by the control board in the washer. A bad control board could be causing your problem.

If the washer is still under warranty, I recommend calling for service.

If the washer is no longer under warranty and everything is working properly, then it may not be worth fixing this problem. You can avoid using the clean cycle and maintain the washer in other ways. Running an empty wash cycle with bleach should help keep your washer clean and fresh. You can also use a new product called Affresh that is specifically designed to clean front load washers.

If you need more help with this problem, resubmit your question with the full model number and serial number of your washer.
by Lyle W Earned 69,147 community points in Washers
July 22nd, 2008
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