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What should be the normal running amperage for my Kenmore refrigerator?

I have a Kenmore side x side refrigerator model 253.54739300. A refrigerator repairman told me that it should be about 2.9 amps, and if it was 2 amps or less then my refrigerator was low on Freon. I can't find anything online to substantiate this. My compressor measures about 1.1 amps when running. Can anyone give me more information on this? My refrigerator seems to take forever to cool down to normal temperatures inside, with the compressor running continuously. The condenser fan is running and everything is clean. I had to replace the start relay because the compressor stopped running, but now I wonder if it is also low on refrigerant.

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Joey S
I added an image with the Performance Data sheet for your particular model refrigerator. The running amperage with no load and doors shut with the cold control set at mid-points should be running between 1.2 to 1.5 amps.

Now, if there is a defrost failure and the evaporator coils are iced over the running amperage could drop lower that 1.2 amps. It will also cause it to run longer and take longer to cool down.

Look at the lower half of the rear panel inside the freezer for any frost or ice accumulation. If ice or frost is found on the rear panel inside the freezer that would strongly indicate a defrost failure. When ice and frost covers the evaporator coils it reduces the airflow being pulled across the coils. It restricts the air flow over into the fresh food section as well as in the freezer. You will notice warmer temperatures in the fresh food section first before you will notice it in the freezer section.

If more information is needed resubmit your question with the model number and details.
by Joey S Earned 113,887 community points in Kenmore
August 18th, 2008
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Manage My Life
THank you very much for your prompt and comprehensive answer JS... I appreciate it very much! Am I correct in assuming that the AMPS (running) in the chart is the TOTAL current draw for the FRIDGE, not just the compressor current? If so, then I think mine is running in that range so everything should be OK. Also, we have just under 1 year remaining on the 5-year 'Sealed System' warrantee. This unit has the Tecumseh compressor made in Brazil and I have read grumblings about the poor reliability of these compressors. Does it warrant looking for a new frige before that warrantee runs out, in your opinion and experience??? BTW... I tried thanking you earlier but the site wasn't working right for some reason, so I couldn't.

Thanks again! Nick
by Manage My Life
August 24th, 2008
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