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Resistance on my Nordictrack CXT910 is not working anymore?

So I am a novice and probably missing something basic but the issue is when I press for resistance on my eliptical nothing happens. Here is what I did to troubleshoot.

1. Ensured all connectors were fastened both on the control console and near the tension motor
2. Disconnected the control console connector then applied a direct power source (9v battery) to the motor. It cranked as expected.
3. Took my electrical tester and was able to get a reading when pressing various resistance levels. I am not sure the test was valid but here is what I did:
a. put one prong from the testor on the yellow or blue wire which is soildered to the motor and the other on the red/black/ or white wire which is on what I am guessing is a compacitor? Not sure. Please see picture.

I hope this helps, let me know if you need more info.

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There are several different versions of the CXT910 series out there so without an actual model number it is difficult to provide specific information.

But on most, the Yellow/Blue is the drive input for the motor. Since you tested the motor and it worked, the next check would be there.

Usually a switch in the direction (polarity) of the electrical flow on the Yellow/Blue is what drives the resistance motor one way or the other to increase or decrease the tension on the resistance mechanism. That works since putting power through the motor in one direction spins it one way and putting it through the other direction will spin it the other way.

If there is voltage there when you change resistance, then see if the polarity actually reverses when you increase and then decrease resistance settings at the console.

If you do not have voltage there, or the polarity does not reverse you might have a console issue but check the wiring carefully first as it is possible for a damaged or partly disconnected wire to create these types of issues also.

If you cannot find other model numbers on the unit to help find a manual at Manage My Home you still might be able to get some additional helpful information, or maybe a manual online, at the

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website by searching through the NordicTrack CXT910 models listed there.
by Manage My Life
August 26th, 2008
Answered in 13 hours
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