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Why is my treadmill not working properly?

Image 10.4Qi, Model 831.299351
After placing the plastic 'key' into the slot, the unit powers up but will not respond to any command or request except for the speed per mile (pace?). It will only show an increase of numbers, no decrease. It will not even start the belt. I have turned the unit off and back on and even unplugged it for a time with no results...Breaker has not tripped either...

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Manage My Life
I am sending you a voltage diagram of your treadmill. If you are not completely comfortable making voltage checks please call and schedule a technician to diagnose and repair the treadmill. Since the console light up your power to the treadmill is ok. The only way to tell where the problem is, is to check the voltage to the various components.

To make the voltage checks you need to put the treadmill in the calibration mode. To do this hold the speed up and stop keys in as you insert the key then let the keys go. The console should start lighting the different led's. Press the stop key twice and you will be in the speed and incline calibration. Run the speed up to 10 mph. Leave the console in this position while you make the voltage checks.

On the 8 wire harness on the back of the console use either black wire as ground and with the treadmill on and key still in between black and the blue pwm wire you should have around 1.5 volts dc.

If you don't have this voltage the console is bad. If you have the voltage go to the power board under the hood of the treadmill and check the same 2 wires for the same voltage. If you don't have the voltage here the harness between the console and power board is bad.

If you have the voltage going into the power board, go to the motor controller and check between the red and black and then the white and black. the voltages are on the images I sent. If you don't have these voltages the power board is bad. If you do have the voltages the motor controller is bad.
by Manage My Life
September 12th, 2008
Answered in 5 hours
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