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Why is my Kenmore range displaying an E0 F3 error code?

My Kenmore Ultra Bake range model number 665.95172300 is displaying an error message E0 F3. We plugged in the stove and received the PF error message. We cleared it with the stop button and then nothing worked. After holding the clear button for 5 seconds, error code E0 F3 comes up. How do we fix this?

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Manage My Life
The error code message F3 E0 indicates an open oven sensor circuit. This is the component that regulates the oven temperature.


disconnect electrical power

to the range. Pull the range out & remove the rear panel to the control area. Unplug the 2 violet wires on P3 5-6. You will need to have a meter for testing, set the meter to read ohms (resistance). Place the leads from the multimeter across the 2 violet wires, the meter should read 1080ohms if the sensor is good. If you do not get the correct reading you will need to replace the oven temp sensor.

The oven temp sensor is mounted to the inside of the oven cavity. You will need to remove the lower section of the rear panel to access the sensor connector. Unplug the sensor & slide it back into the oven cavity to remove & replace.
by Manage My Life
September 17th, 2008
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