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Why won't my Sears generator produce electricity?

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September 26th, 2008

My Sears generator model number 580.323051 runs, but doesn’t generate electricity. This is an older generator with an upright shaft. Where can I obtain wiring diagrams for this model? Is there a common problem with these generators besides the fuse blowing? Do you have any ideas what can be wrong?

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Manage My Life
There are several different problems that could be preventing your generator from producing electricity. If the generator has not been used for a while, check for dirt or debris in the contacts. Also, check for loose or frayed wires on the unit. You would need to have a technician check for problems beyond these basic issues.

Because of the age of this generator, technical information is limited. I am not able to find a wiring diagram or other data on this model.

I recommend having it serviced by a technician or replacing it if you cannot find a technician to repair it.
by Manage My Life |
September 26th, 2008
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