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Why does my Kenmore refrigerator have a water build up under the vegetable bins?

We have water build up under the vegetable bins. The water is dripping from the freezer into the refrigerator portion of the unit. We do not have an icemaker and nothing is blocking the air tower. Where can this water be coming from?

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Lyle W
The water dripping from your freezer into your refrigerator is likely caused by a clogged or frozen defrost drain in the collection trough under the evaporator behind the inside freezer back wall (see image below). During the automatic defrost cycle, frost and ice is melted off of the evaporator coils by a heater under the evaporator. Condensate water from this process collects in a drain trough under the evaporator. This water will normally drain through a hole and down a tube to a drain collection pan at the very bottom of the refrigerator by the condenser and compressor. This water is then evaporated off before the next automatic defrost cycle. It is likely that your drain hole or tube is frozen or clogged. If water cannot drain down to the collection pan properly, it will drip down into the refrigerator and collect at the bottom below the vegetable bins.

If you were to disconnect electrical power and pull off the inside back panel of the freezer, you may be able to defrost or clear the drain hole or tube so that the condensate water properly drains down to the collection pan at the bottom of the unit. Once the drain trough hole is cleared, pouring some hot water down the drain tube will help clear it out and make sure that it is draining properly into the collection ban below. Do not pour a large amount of hot water down the tube or you may overflow the collection pan.

If you need more help with this problem, resubmit your question with additional details including the model number of your refrigerator.
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October 1st, 2008
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