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How do I start my lawn mower if the engine is flooded?

My brand new lawn mower isn’t starting and I think that it is flooded. I checked everything else and there are no other problems.

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Manage My Life
Although you did not provide your specific model number, the following tip may help you troubleshoot this problem.

To clear any possible flooding from your lawn mower, I recommend that you remove the spark plug, pull on the starter rope 2 or 3 time. If there is any excess fuel, the pulling of the rope will clear it out. Before replacing the spark plug, clean and dry any fuel from the plug.

Once you have replaced the clean plug, hold the starter bale down, and pull the starter cord.

Verify the fuel that you using is clean and fresh. Dirty fuel will clog up your carburetor and give a false impression that the lawn mower is flooded.
by Manage My Life
October 1st, 2008
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