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Kenmore range model 66595014100 shows PF what does this mean?

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October 8th, 2008

I went to cook in the oven. Instead of the oven heating properly the broiler comes on and stays on even when you turn the oven off. The only way to shut it off is in the breaker box. Other said it was the temperature probe but I replaced it and still the broiler comes on when I turn on the breaker. Some please have an answer

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Manage My Life
The PF displayed on the range means the range lost power. This would happen each time you turn the circuit breaker off.

The broil relay on the electronic control of the range is stuck closed. This is what causes the broil element to come on whenever you turn the circuit breaker on. To repair this you will have to replace the electronic control on the range (this is the clock). I am sending you the part number for a rebuilt control. It has the same warranty as a new control and costs $120.00 less than a new control.

Part number 8523665R MICROCPTR 1 $169.99
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by Manage My Life
October 8th, 2008
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