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I have a Craftsman GDO, 41A5389E, 1021499A, 1/05. The hard-wire switch won't work and the LED is unlit. I am not sure what is going on. Any ideas?

It is a Craftsman 1/2 HP GDO, model 41A5389E, 1021499A, manufactured 1/05. It opened itself the other day for the first time. When I pushed the wall switch (hard-wired) to close it, it would not work and the green light was not on. The remotes still operate the door. The sensors have one solid green light and the other sensor has one solid amber light. The lift unit will blink three times with an amber light and then repeat every 5-6 seconds or so continuously.
I also, tried to find the manual on-line for this unit and nothing comes up. Any suggestions on where I can find this manual? Thanks.

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Manage My Life
The wires to the switch must be broken or the wall switch is bad. To test this disconnect the 2 wires from the wall switch and touch them together. These wires have 5 volts dc on them so they won't shock you.

If the opener doesn't start with the wires touching the wires might be shorted or broken. Take the wires to the switch off the back of the opener and short the terminals the wires were on together. If the opener runs the wires are bad.

The 3 flashes on back of your logic board is a fault code indicating something is wrong with the wires to the wall switch.

I am sending you a link to the page on Manage My Home to search for manuals. Get the model number off the other end of the motor unit of the garage door opener. The number you sent is the part number of the logic board.
by Manage My Life
October 16th, 2008
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