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How do I put the pull string back in my Craftsman gas hedge trimmer?

I have a Craftsman gas hedge trimmer model number 358.795700, and I need to replace the cord.

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Manage My Life
You will need to disassemble the recoil assembly and that can take some time, particularly here where it is part of the side cover itself.

Unfortunately, there is no complete starter recoil assembly available for this model as on some other products so you will not be able to just unbolt one complete recoil starter assembly and install a new one.

Once everything is disassembled, you will need to attach the new rope and then set the spool into the spring. Usually you can use the spool to pre-wind the spring so that there will be enough tension to draw the full length of the starter rope in. That may or may not be easier to do with the rope already in place; it just depends on how much room there is and how you prefer to do it. The process is not all that involved but it does take some experience, or trial and error, to figure out how to pre-wind the spring safely and to the right amount. There are also some small engagement parts that need to be set up correctly or the assembly will not work.

No special tools are typically needed, though sometimes a deep socket will help spin the spool and spring up. The spring itself is a thin band of metal with sharp edges and it is difficult to hold or re-install if it comes out of the case. It also can easily cut you, especially if it comes undone under force, so wear heavy gloves and eye protection. Or, if you have any reservations, you may be better off seeking the help of a professional.
by Manage My Life
October 21st, 2008
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