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Why is my Kenmore refrigerator showing an error code Er 1F?

I have a Kenmore refrigerator model number 795.77563600 with an error cod Er 1F. I understand that it might be the blower motor, ice on the fan shroud preventing fan movement, a bad connection, or a controller board. If it is a part failure, how do I know which is bad? Can you provide a diagram of how to get to the parts in question? What is the part numbers for the motor and board?

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The part number for the control board is EBR34917102 & the freezer fan motor is 4681JK1004E. The "Er-IF" in the display is caused by the Ice maker

Ice Fan

freezing up and not running or the Ice Fan is running but it's not being detected by the control board as running. Moisture has been known in some environments to migrate into the fan grill assembly and freeze and cause the ice maker fan motor to not be able to run and cause the "ER-IF" to display. This type of failure will require a service technician to repair your refrigerator. There is a proven fix to remedy the problem which will require a technician.
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October 21st, 2008
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