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Why do I have to hold the button down on my controls to close the garage door opener?

I have a Craftsman garage door opener model number 139.53910D. In order to close the door I have to hold the buttons down.

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Manage My Life
If the remotes will still open the door but it will only close if you hold the button down on the wall control continuously then you likely have an issue with the safety sensors.

There is a safety sensor mounted near the floor on either side of the door, these sensors have electronic "eyes" that have to "see" each other or the door control stops the garage door from closing. The idea is to prevent the door from closing on something or someone who may be in the way. When you continuously hold down the close button in the garage you are over-riding this system.

An intermittent alignment issue with the sensors or damaged sensor wiring or a failing sensor could sometimes make it impossible for the system to determine if anything is under the door and, again, it will prevent the door from closing normally.

Each sensor has an LED on it, if one LED is off or faint or flickering the sensors are out of alignment. The mount bracket might have loosened or bent, or maybe the nuts holding it have loosened. Either way, fix the mount or tighten the nuts so the sensors are aligned and both LEDs are bright.

If neither sensor has an LED lit, you may have damaged wiring to the sensors. Often this happens if the wires were mounted with a standard stapler and the wire is pinched. The wire eventually breaks internally and the sensors stop working.

The overhead lights might also flash 10 times if you try to close the door and there is a sensor problem
by Manage My Life
October 29th, 2008
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