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Where can I get a manual and error code list for my Kenmore HE4t washer?

I have a Kenmore HE4t washer model 45081400. I cannot find a manual on the Kenmore or Sears website. It keeps saying that I have soap in the water. It runs several extra rinse cycles before ending. I have run several water only cycles with no additives (soap, bleach, fabric softener, etc.) and still continue to have this problem. Another problem is that no Kenmore or Sears site admits that there is a model 45081 400, HE4t Kenmore Elite washer. I purchased this washer at the NAS Moffett Field Navy Exchange a little over a year ago. Even though this may be a discontinued model, I should still be able to get information on it.

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Lyle W
I provided a link below for the owner's manual for your Kenmore HE4t washer. To access this manual and other information on this model, you need to add the digits 110 in front of the rest of the model number that you provided (45081400).

According to your description, you are likely seeing the Sud error that normally indicates excessive suds. Here are some tips that may resolve this problem in your HE4t washer:

Make sure that you are only using HE (High Efficiency) detergent in the washer. Also, use the appropriate amount of soap to avoid excessive suds.

When you run the cycles with just water, look for suds in the wash water. A build up of residue from using non-HE detergent could still be causing an excessive suds problem. If so, try adding a cup of liquid chlorine bleach to the empty cycle to help eliminate suds and detergent residue that could be causing your problem.

A clog or obstruction in the drain line could cause this fault code to be displayed. Check your drain line for clogs or kinks.

An obstruction in the drain pump could be causing this problem. You can check for this problem by following the steps in this link of a previous answer:

How to access the drain pump on my He4t washer?

If the above tips and the owner's manual do not help you resolve this problem, resubmit your question with additional details for more help if needed.
by Lyle W Earned 136,254 community points in Kenmore
November 3rd, 2008
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