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My toilet just starts running on its own. It turns on and off every 15 mins or so, what's wrong with it?

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Manage My Life
It sounds like it is leaking water out of the tank very slowly. When the water level in the tank gets low enough, a valve opens up (which is usually controlled by an arm with and end that floats up and down with the water level). Take the lid off the tank and look inside - you may need to watch it for several minutes to see the water level changing. You should also flush it several times and watch the different parts operate to get a better feel for how your toilet tank controls itself. Often water can start leaking out around the flapper in the bottom of the tank - you may need to reposition this flapper. Sometimes the high water level of the tank is simply set too high. The tank should stop filling before the water reaches an overflow tube. The position of the float controls the fill level - this can often be adjusted by turning a screw located near the pivot point of the arm, or sometimes by bending the arm slightly if it is made of metal.

You can buy toilet tank replacement parts / kits at most hardware stores.
by Manage My Life
November 10th, 2008
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