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I cannot unlock my Frigidaire oven door.

My oven door is locked but it is not cleaning.
My dinner is in the oven. I tried holding the off button down for 3 seconds and longer but it will not unlock. Help

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Manage My Life
Try disconnecting the electricity to the oven and then restoring it. Try setting the oven into clean and starting it. Wait 30 seconds and cancel clean. Sometimes one of these methods work.

If none of the above unlock the oven you will need to disconnect the power to the product and remove the rear panel. You will see the lock motor with a rod going up to the door latch mechanism. Remove the screws holding the lock motor to the assembly and lift it off. Rotate the cam on the lock assembly and it will unlatch the door.

If you need more advice on your product send another email and include the model number and we can give you more specific information.
by Manage My Life
November 19th, 2008
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