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My tv won't turn on the power light just blinks. It's a magnavox model # 51MP6100D/37

My tv won't turn on the power light just blinks. It's a magnavox modle # 51MP6100D/37

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Manage My Life
It's hard to tell what's going on with your set specifically because there are so many options. I cannot thing of anything causing the power LED to blink that you could correct yourself.

In my mind I imagine a green led blinking constantly without the sound you normally hear when you get high voltage to come up in the set. If there’s no high voltage that means that there’s a problem way before you are suppose to get the TV on. I know this set has had problem with a module that is considered the brains of the set. If this module, called the SSB, is not functioning properly you can’t that suspended state like its taking an eternity to come on.

If the set try’s to come up you hear activity Before it shuts down with a red blinking LED, then you have something damaged making it go into protect.

Things to make certain are that it’s happening after you hit power, not after you plug it in. Also leave it unplugged one night to let it reset and try again in the morning.
by Manage My Life
December 16th, 2008
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